Turkey’s Supplier of Chemicals and Minerals - A PLUS GALVANİZ

A Plus Galvaniz sells, stocks and supplies metals such as copper cathode, copper wire rod, copper wire, zinc ingot, aluminum ingot, tin ingot, lead ingot, iron sheet at the most affordable prices. Providing services as the distributor of domestic and international manufacturers in Turkey, our company meets the demands of the customers with the size of its inventory that supports our speed and quality of service. We take the suggestions into consideration together with the companies we cooperate with and offer the best option for perfect service.

Our professional team takes care of the supply plan, manufacturing process and logistics of export products.

A Plus Galvaniz adopts a service perception that is based on customer satisfaction and a service policy that meets customer demands with quality products produced with the awareness of environmental responsibility.

Providing services to the national and international markets with its headquarters in Istanbul, A Plus Galvaniz is expanding its staff day by day and continues its projects with the aim of providing flawless and continuous services to its business partners, whose number is increasing each day.

With its experienced and dynamic staff, our aim is to meet customer demand in a professional and timely manner without any hassles by developing proposed alternative solutions.

We do not compromise on quality and principles while providing services to you with many alternative opportunities for customer satisfaction. Our integrity is based on our customer's feeling of trust and we have incorporated principle of full assurance into our corporate identity and services.

  • Customer satisfaction, which we recognize as one of our essential principles, is our focus.
  • We do not leave the customer on his own at any stage of the marketing process. We aim to be more useful by exchanging ideas.
  • Based on fundamental ethics and respectability, we maintain  relationships with our customers in a systematic order.

Our Logistics Assurance

A Plus Galvaniz gives full assurance for every product supplied with its strong logistics network. We aim to deliver the goods on time via air, sea or road transport, which we adopt as a concept of service. We follow the processes in person to ensure that goods are delivered to the customer without any problem.

Our Mission

Our company is always ascending since the day it was founded, due to the satisfaction of our customers. There were many laqrge companies when we launched our company, but despite the competition we continued to grow. The domestic and international markets heard more about our high quality and affordable products. We know that we owe our current position to the quality of our services and the fact that our customers always prefer to work with us.

Our Vision

The goals of our company for today and tomorrow are to satisfy more customers and to be the best company in the sector. The fact that our customers define our company with a sense of satisfaction is our only vision that has not changed and will not change.

Our Principles

  • Providing Environmentally Conscious Customer Services
  • Being an Active Community Partner
  • Maintaining High Ethical Standards
  • Maintaining Sustainable Improvement
  • Establishing relationships with our customers based on honesty.
  • To be a company whose innovations and practices are followed in the sector.
  • Doing the best we can.
  • To maintain strong relations with our sources of information in order to ensure that our company grows.

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